Send me free trial contact lenses At Home!

     Send me free trial contact lenses At Home  The enhancement of your eyes just cannot get better and that too when you are benefited with door step service. But no such benefit can beat the luxury of  having a free pair of sample lenses before paying for the original pair. As per the customer’s point of view, demanding a pair of free trial lenses is a genuine demand because one cannot simply throw away the money without knowing whether the product worth’s it or not. It’s as difficult a task for the company to give away free samples as it is easy for the customers to demand for it. But for the sake of company’s advancement, such steps are taken.

                          Not all company provide a free pair of contacts but a few. Usually the bigger  brands come with such facility and believe me they are better than the rest. If spend money, let it prove its worth. It’s true that the bigger brands ask for a few more dollars but for the sake of better quality, one should not hesitate spending a few more dollars. The free pair of lenses can be availed online, respective showrooms or from a doctor, if he keeps them. Some doctors keep such free trial contacts especially the prescribed samples.

                    The non prescription free trial colored  contacts are also available online and in the showrooms but no doctor ever keeps it. Generally the companies hesitate spending lots of money in advertisements. The company has always in  mind, a quick and proper clearance of its products. But an able buyer who contacts them directly will be able to avail such benefits regarding free trial lenses. A buyer should always consider himself lucky for the advancement , the present day marketing department has done due to which such terms and conditions have come up that benefits both customer and the seller.

                     Before placing an order, generally for a prescribed lens, doctor’s approval is must. The companies  will place the order  with or without prescription but for  a medicated lens it’s a better to have prescription lens. Now a days even prescription lens are available in colored formats. But those for on only styling purpose or fun can be taken away without any medical formalities.

Send Me Free Trial Contact Lenses

                      Now selection of colour is another important step without the seller will not be able to send you your free sample pairs. The seller provides you with a large variety of colours to chose from. The colours have also been classified into two types i.e enhancers and the opaque lenses.

               The enhancers are generally for light eyes which after getting fitted in the eyes of the customer will allow the actual colour to come through. But in case of opaque lenses the colour of the eyes is completely changed. The original colour will not be exposed at all. These opaque lenses are generally for the dark eyes.

             These lenses have an average life expectancy of 30 days. So, one can try different brands for some consecutive days in order to find out the best suited and most compatible lens for the eyes and his/her personal appearance. If anyone is new to the coloured contacts , by using the free samples, he  can adjust his eyes accordingly. By giving away the pair of free sample contacts, the seller also hopes an equal favour done to him by buying the original pair of contacts from the same manufacturer.

                The most important part now is to select the select the right companies and offers. It is always recommended to buy coloured contacts  from the reputed manufacturers. So, it is better to test the free sample pair of the same brand. The dodgy websites should always be ignored because of the lower quality of product and service they offer. You can opt for brands like Acuvue, which is a leading  brand in this field. It being a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is a trusted and safe brand to have. Fresh look Colors and Dura soft Colors are also some  other good brands. Acuvue gives away free samples of coloured contacts because this luxury for the customer will also boost  its reputation.

            Now you must be having shipping questions in mind. We can enquire about it too. Its always an adding to the luxury to have free shipping for a free sample pair of contacts. Most of the companies provide free shipping but an enquiry must be done to avoid any inconvenience.  The ultimate goal of the manufacturers is to increase the number of buyers which is possible only by providing some extra facilities. One is always going to get profited if the number of sells increases.

         If you are prepared to directly contact the showroom for the free sample pairs, then it is also possible. In some ways, it is better because you will be able to get a direct view of it. But anyways, you order online or get it from a show room you will get a door step delivery and the quality of the product will be same as what you had been promised of on the website or in the showroom.


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